“One Soul”

What is understood doesn’t need to be explained. When u can speak without speaking a true connection shall arise and you shall grow together, teach one other. Finding yourselves begin happy, then spreading that happiness to the point you can communicate through just expression, this is truly as blessing.

“ The Valley”

Through the valley of darkness I shall come out victorious, through the hardships and trails I shall pick my head up and move through it. I tell myself never stop, never settle to remind me that I must continue to fight to be the best me I know I can be and still become. I want to be the best me possible, and for that I must push, I must sacrifice to get there. Not every road will be easy, but as they say life is never easy.


Growth is the key to success, growth can come in big or small packages. Growth is the sprit in wanting to become what you are truly meant to be. Growth takes time,hard work then even harder work, but then it makes everything you did so satisfactory you crave for more. Things become easier, problems are not as bad, mindset is on the right track.


As time passes the clock ticks and tocks, over and over through an infinite state of periodic loop. We see only what’s clear but not what is blinded, we take what is given;we are yet to become the true begins we are supposed to be. There for time will continue to tick and tock and time will pass.

“The Real World”

Thinking to myself every time I see the dark that I just want the light to shine upon me. To face the truth, the real meaning to what life really is, what life really could be. I wish the answer would be so clear can’t deal with the lies and Deception, the pain that we face cannot stop us from entering into the matrix in which we’ve never seen. I do say that while we put on a mask we also never stop dreaming, and in dreaming is believing, and in believing there is hope. Hope for us all.

Be You, Be free

As I was woke up abruptly at 6:45 in the morning, I got the idea to go out for a walk and take some pictures. I had decided within myself it was time for a change. I want to do more with the time I have, I want to experience things I have never experienced before see the world in a positive light instead of all the surrounding negativity. I’m usually so focused on the surrounding problems and I don’t get to truly appreciate the little things. Like the flowers that grow, the orange juice aroma in the air, the birds chirping, the sun in my face, all these things I have failed to play attention to and I want to grasp them. I want to learn more, I want to grow more and become a different person but a different person for me. People want you to be someone who they accept and we get so caught in trying perfect we forget to be ourselves.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on my adventure; my purpose for making this blog is to share my art with everyone and tell a story behind. I want my readers to engage with me, tell me what your thinking about, let me know what I can do better so we can all grow as one. I’m here to show that with an idea anything is possible and with believing there is achieving. Thank you for everyone who follows along and welcome to anyone new, let’s strive for greatness together.