Tomorrow shall pass, and today shall fade away. The months will disappear as the years begin to feel like an outer body experience that cannot be stopped. On the outside looking in we are help, but the flow of time stop for no one until their time has come.


“ The Valley”


Through the valley of darkness I shall come out victorious, through the hardships and trails I shall pick my head up and move through it. I tell myself never stop, never settle to remind me that I must continue to fight to be the best me I know I can be and still become. I want to be the best me possible, and for that I must push, I must sacrifice to get there. Not every road will be easy, but as they say life is never easy.



Growth is the key to success, growth can come in big or small packages. Growth is the sprit in wanting to become what you are truly meant to be. Growth takes time,hard work then even harder work, but then it makes everything you did so satisfactory you crave for more. Things become easier, problems are not as bad, mindset is on the right track.

“The Real World”


Thinking to myself every time I see the dark that I just want the light to shine upon me. To face the truth, the real meaning to what life really is, what life really could be. I wish the answer would be so clear can’t deal with the lies and Deception, the pain that we face cannot stop us from entering into the matrix in which we’ve never seen. I do say that while we put on a mask we also never stop dreaming, and in dreaming is believing, and in believing there is hope. Hope for us all.


Who can one be an outsider in there own world. You live life as you and in turn you will also die as you, so why not live life to the fullest. There are so many things we fear because of being shamed by people, but to hell with people who don’t have the same ideas as you. Your a star.